6S19P.i6 power regulator triode

Thus tube was intended as the actuator for regulated power supplies. This explains why the curves of this tube show a large temperature dependancy - this was simply not important, as this was anyway compensated by the control loop!

It is not only the hot plate, that makes the curves of my i6 model different to its forrunner. Through a deep discussion on hifi-forum.de, it was found that my golden sample used for the i5 was a sample from a bad quality batch. It suffers under a very strong island effect, and furthermore a (relatively small) section of the cathode is not covered by the grid, resulting in a part of the plate current which can't be suppressed with the grid. Both reasons forced me to create a new i6 model, based on a better sample, which I got from a colleague.

The achieved fit quality is, to be honest, below the usual level of my models. I have no clue why this time the fitting was so difficult. However, it is still worth to be provided - as it is still much closer to real curves of a good 6S19P sample, than my old i5 is.

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