1j29b (russian battery powered pentode)

1S4.RCi4 (RCA batterie powered pentode)

Link to the .subckt 1S4,RCi4 file

49 (direct heated RCA Tetrode, class B capable)

6AG7 (GE Power Pentode)

6BW6.BRi3 (Brimar, power beam pentode)

6L6GC (General Electric Power Beam Tetrode)

EL34.TEi4p (Telefunken Power Pentode)

Due to lack of iG1 data, this tube model is "preliminary", as its iG1 model is guessed by comparison with iG1 parameters of similar tubes (6BW6 and 6L6GC). It is assumed that by this methode, an error less than a factor 2 between iG1 model and reality is acheived.

link to the EL34,TEi4p file